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Nashville Paramotor offers a 7 Day foot launch/Trike class package based on the USPPA syllabus. Our students graduate with not only the necessary skills to fly a paramotor, but also the knowledge to keep themselves and others safe by making smart decisions on when and where to fly safely.

$3000.00 if you use our equipment $2500 if you use yours. Discounts available for Military and First Responders

Our Services

Kiting the wing is the most important skill to learn. To be a safe and accomplished pilot, you must know how to handle your wing, and maintain control. This will be the first thing you will learn to do.

You will learn:

  • How a wing works
  • How to safely connect your wing to your harness.
  • Forward and reverse launches
  • How to care for your wing

Getting to know your Paramotor.

You will learn:

  • All the parts of the paramotor and what they specifically do.
  • How to start and maintain the engine
  • Oil mixture
  • Break-in process
  • How to properly clip into the paramotor and adjust the harness.
  • How to taxi the paramotor with proper posture and control

 Simulation of your first take-off

What you will learn:

  • What it feels like sitting in a Paramotor
  • Proper hang point adjustments
  • Throttle control.
  • Radio communication
  • Reserve toss practice

Ground School

Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 103
General regulations
When and where to fly, when not to
Airspace rules and regulations
Pre-flight inspections
Paramotor maintenance
Best practices

Current Training Dates

  • 4/28
  • 5/26
  • 6/9
  • 6/30
  • 7/21
  • 8/11
  • 9/1
  • 9/22
  • 10/13